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Featuring Artwork, General Supplies, Books, and Magazines
NPA Seamless  Bands
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We at NPA Web Headquarters have complied a listing of URL's that can be of help when you're looking for them. All listing with the exception of Pigeon Sales are 100% FREE! (However Cash or Product Donations to the NPA Junior Program will be appreciated.) Our list is currently small, but we urge you to bookmark this site for future use. If you know of anyone who would like to have their products listed on this page contact me - Mike Lerp, 2nd District Director National Pigeon Association. When placing an order please mention the NPA!!
 Advertise your pigeons on the Internet. One time fee of ten dollars per listing. A Percentage of Ad Fees is donated to the National Pigeon Association Junior Fancier Program. Click here to Visit the Ads. Click here to Place your Ad.
Amazon Books - A great place to find those "rarer pigeon books".
 Individual Book Sales Listing. Buy and Sell Books!  Click Here to Visit the Bookstore.
Encyclopedia of Pigeon Standards - The NPA Pigeon Breed Standards Collection. Click here for order form.
Wonderful World of Pigeons Coloring Book - The NPA Coloring Book containing the artwork of Diane Jacky. Click here for order form.
A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health - by Dr. David Marx, DVM. An excellent book on pigeon health related topics. This book can be ordered from the RACING PIGEON DIGEST
Encyclopedia of pigeon breeds. By Wendell Levi Mint condt. 65$ Rudy E mail 
WALTER AMOS BOOK SELLER - A great place to locate those older and hard to find books.


Pigeon Supplies 
PIGEON SUPPLIES: NEW ENGLAND PIGEON SUPPLIES = Offering supplies to Pigeon Fanciers. Contact Tony Patti, 95 River Drive, Preston, CT 06365 or call 860-889-0497
Bullocks Pet Supplies 
Diane Jacky - Featuring the world's foremost living artist of pigeon and poultry standards. 
Bullocks Pet Supplies - Some really neat Pigeon Posters and other items.
Web Sites Design and Rental   * Your Home Page on the Internet*  *Promote Your Breed, Club, Etc.* *Advertise Your Pigeons or Pigeon Products on Your HOME PAGE* Design and Set up Fees for as little as $25.00 per page. 
Promote Your Breed by wearing your favorite breed on a Tee! We can make a custom one for your club, place your photograph or image on an Iron On and add your custom lettering. Prices begin at $5.00 including postage and handling.  Contact PW Productions
NPA Grand National Pins: These are fast becoming collectors items! We have pins in stock for: "88" Peoria - "89" Salt Lake City - "91" Milwaukee - "92" Lancaster - "93" Portland - "94" Oklahoma - "95" Salt Lake City - "96" Lancaster. Pins are $3.00 each, postage paid. Please specify the pin that you are ordering. Contact the NPA for orders.
National Pouter & Cropper Club Promotions Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs, etc.
JTEX DESIGNS - Plans for Dovecote