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Throughout the History of the United States Marine Corp, Navy Hospital Corpsman have served side by side with Marines to answer their cry of

Yes there were Navy Corpsman who served with the USMC in Vietnam. Many of us walked where the Marines walked, ate what they ate, slept where they slept, got wet when they got wet, shot at when they were shot at cried when they cried, laughed when they laughed and in general lead the same life as a "grunt in the bush". I want to thank the Marines who've contacted me regarding Corpsman. Although the words "Corpsman Up" were commonly used to call for a Corpsman in Vietnam this summons was avoided in the "bush". This was done so for two reasons. If the call was heard by the VC/NVA they would know that the Corpsman was on the move. Corpsman along with officers, nco's and radio operators were prime targets. Therefore other words were used when calling for a Corpsman. Secondly VC/NVA often used "Corpsman Up" to bring a Corpsman into the open. But no matter what the agreed "call" was used the Marines could depend on their Corpsman to react under any circumstances. Our role with the Grunts in Vietnam wasn't easy for most of us, but it's us who should thank the Marines for taking good care of us.

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If you know of a Corpsman who was Killed in Action in Vietnam and their names doesn't appear on the KIA list please forward this infomation to me.
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If you'd like to place a locator message E-Mail me a brief message and it will be included. Due to space and time limits the Locator is reserved for FMF Corpsman and Marines who served in Vietnam. There are additional Locator locations on my Links Page.
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If you were a corpsman and would like your name to appear on the roster just E -Mail me and include your MOS number, your name, your E-Mail address, unit(s), and dates of tour(s).
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I served with the Second Platoon of Golf Company 2nd Batt. 26th Marines in 1969 - 1970. Our I CORP "in country locations" included Hill Ten, Hill 88, the Hai Van Pass, the Esso Plant, the Rockpile, and Happy Valley. When the 26th Marines departed Vietnam I was stationed at First Medical Batt. until I was Medevaced to the World in the spring of 1970.

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